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  • Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement

  • I understand that participation is entirely by my own choice and with the understanding that there is a risk and the possibility of accidental injury, including permanent disability, paralysis, and death in any activity, including unusual motion or height.
  • Having been informed of the activities to be conducted by Stick It Gymnastics, I, myself, or the parent or guardian of the participant gives my approval for the above named students participation in any and all activities of the program. In consideration of my or the students membership acceptance at Stick It Gymnastics, I hereby forever waive, and forever release and discharge Stick It Gymnastics, their officers, owner’s, directors, professional consultants, employees, and volunteers from all liability for any and all damages and injuries suffered by the participant in connection with said use of the aforementioned equipment, instructors, vehicles, and facilities. I will be fully financially responsible for any injuries incurred at Stick It Gymnastics, their property, or premises.
  • I, the minors parent and/or legal guardian, understand the nature of the above referenced activities and the minors experience and capabilities and believe the minor to be qualified to participate in such activity. I hereby release, discharge, covenant not to sue and AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the releases from all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages on the minors account caused or alleged to have been caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the releases or otherwise, including negligent rescue operations, and further agree that if, despite this release, I, the minor, or anyone on the minors behalf makes a claim against any of the above releases, I WILL INDEMNIFY, SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the releases from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss liability, damage, or cost any release may incur as a result of any such claim.
  • By entering this facility, you are aware that you agree to fully accept all known and unknown risks, including the potential risk of exposure to respiratory illnesses such as the coronavirus (COVID-19). The coronavirus is primarily transmitted via exhaled respiratory droplets, most often through coughing and sneezing. These droplets can travel up to 6 feet and are more commonly transmitted between persons rather from equipment to person.

    Although we regularly sanitize our equipment and presently are using enhanced cleaning methods and enforcing social distancing in our facility, you understand that you may be exposed to the coronavirus or its symptoms through no fault of our own. Known coronavirus symptoms include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, kidney failure, pneumonia, and may include other symptoms, stroke or even death (collectively “symptoms”). You understand and agree that you will hold us harmless and you will not hold us liable for any real or perceived symptoms of COVID-19 or any other disease, illness, or condition, nor for exacerbating any existing symptoms, and you fully agree to accept all risks of entering the facility, using the equipment, working with coaches and teachers, attending classes, camps, or clinics and/or interacting or being exposed to other members.
  • By checking the box below, you are agreeing to the conditions stated above and confirm that the information provided is true and accurate.